Missing You.

by - 11:02:00 AM

Dear Aunt, Uncle, and Adorable Cousins,
I have been thinking a lot about you guys. And missing you. A lot. I wish I could see you this weekend.
You always take us to do new, exciting things. But, you also have this way of making the boring, routine things fun. And you are always interested in my life. The lame life I lead.
You are all really, really pretty. I just don't understand how you're always so put together. Sometimes, I get this overwhelming urge to mess up your hair. Just a little. So then it would match mine.
And you're all hilarious. And you never forget my birthday. This year you even made me necklaces to match all my outfits (it really helps that it was multi-colored). Now, if only my head wasn't so big so it would fit around my neck...But, that's obviously a personal issue.

I miss you all.

Sometimes, when my family gets to see you I get really mad. I have to be stuck here. Pretending to be grown up, working, and going to school. I hate that I have to be grown up, because then I miss you growing up. And that's not fair.

Know that I think about you all the time. Hopefully I can see you soon.
Love you!

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