I Must've Been Mistaken

by - 1:19:00 PM

I've made a few mistakes in the last 24 hours. I figure if I admit them out loud that signifies I am ready to learn from them, and they can be forgiven.

Yesterday at work I ate way too many Swedish Fish. Not to mention the over sized servings of Peanut M&M's. Then, Abra invited me to dinner--I ate way too much food. But, it was steak, and yummy salad, and I couldn't help it. Last night I ran my laundry without soap in the washing machine. I had to do it again. Then, I ate ice cream...and was up all night long puking my guts out. This morning when the cleaning lady came to check the apartment I realized I had forgotten to clean part of the bathroom. Instead of fixing that mistake, I curled up with a blanket and "Ever After" and tried to fall asleep. But, my roommate kept talking. So I watched. Then, still tired, I answered the phone when Taylor called. He wanted to pass time while he was driving. Somehow I let him have the password to my Facebook. I just took a nap for an hour. I should have been showering and getting ready for the day...at 4:45pm.

Whew. Glad that's off my chest. Time to move on.

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