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Apparently I haven't posted in awhile. This was recently pointed out to me in a conversation with one of my favorite aunts. Her comment went something like this: "I haven't heard from you, and you haven't posted on your blog...are you doing alright? Tell me everything."

Everything can be summed up in a few facts I have learned lately, which can be accompanied by pictures in a later blog-as my computer recently crashed. Ready for everything? Let's do it.

1) I now know it's not all bad to have all new roommates. In fact, this semester has been quite enjoyable-a lot of credit given to them. Along with this, I also know that 6 girls can indeed live together peaceably despite being opposites.

2) I know that no matter what song I choose to play as my alarm, I'm still going to hate it.

3) I know that time flies. Especially looking back on...oh...shall we say, 2 years?

4) I know I really need my hair done. I also know this does cost a pretty penny, one I do not have. I may be considering letting Jen color my hair out of a box. Heaven help us all.

5) I know I hate missing my family's cross country meets, reports, first days of school, dances, etc.

6) I know I hate school. I also know I really wish I was going. But, I REALLY know this was the best choice I could have made. Now I'll be back full force when I start again.

7) I know I come up short in a lot of things. That I could not do a lot of things alone. Good thing I don't have to. Ever. Family, friends, and a higher power.

8) I know I rely on other people a lot. Thank everything I'm surrounded by the best of the best.

9) I know I have sworn off members of the opposite sex for the semester.

10) I know I need to eat better. I know I should exercise more...or at all for that matter. I pledge to start...tomorrow.

11) I know real best friends pull through, even when you don't expect them to.

12) I know Winger's makes me sick every time I eat it.

13) I know laughter is the best medicine.

14) I know making overly large servings of food that cover the counter top is epic. I know doing this in one's apartment once a week turns the apartment into the party place.

15) I know life isn't easy. But, each day is a gift. Not a given right. (Thanks Nickelback.)

Pictures soon to follow.

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  1. Wingers and Panda Express are just bad ideas for people without a gall bladder. Stay far far away. I'm glad you are ok. I have also been worried about you.