How About A Large Dose of Nostalgia?

by - 11:13:00 AM

Two years ago today (or yesterday...close enough) I was here:
Here is SLC. I was going to General Conference with these girls.
I was especially going for this boy:
Who got us tickets to go with his family. The morning of conference I made a statement that went something like: "If he loves me he'll be wearing a green tie. He knows it's my favorite." Please take note of the tie pictured above.

This and a couple other things from that weekend made this possible:

Two years later, this is Adam-or rather, Elder Hales:
Elder Hales enters The Land of the Free approximately five days after I return from my family vacation to Vietnam (YES! We are going!!).

Lately I've been feeling rather nostalgic; I've been reminiscing old times over and over in my head, and couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on me: that is incredibly soon.

With that:
Dear Elder Adam Hales,
I'm so glad we have so many memories together. I hope there are many more memories to come. If there is not, then I'm so, so glad my memories are so sweet-because I will remember them always.
Travel safe. Happy Holidays.
Crazy as it seems-I'll see you very, very soon. I'll talk to you even sooner.
--Yours Truly.

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