I had an idea.

by - 6:59:00 PM

The first week of school I mentioned that we should make a giant bean dip on our counter. Ok, so it was really late...and I was slightly dillusional. But, we did it. And it was a huge success. Over 150 people in and out of our little apartment that night.

Then we decided to make it a weekly occurance. Next we did a NoBake Cookie. Again, huge success.

Our following "Countertop Cafe" (as we fondly call it) was a RiceKrispie treat.
Then, muffins. Mind you, those are mini muffins. There is a lot. If you can't tell, we did this one on 10/10/10. Thus the ridiculous shapes.
Our last one was pizza rolls. Sadly, I do not have it documented.
I think we're pretty burned out on the Countertop Cafe. Needless to say, it was fun while it lasted. Thank goodness for ridiculous ideas in the middle of the night.

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