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I have a lot to write. I'm so far behind that I just don't want to even try and catch up. Ever get to that point? I've hit that point a lot lately. Not just in blogging-but in laundry, shopping, cleaning, life.

Lately I've been known to ask one question repeatedly: "Tell me a secret." I guess it's not really even a question, more like a statement. Most people don't really know what to do when I ask this. I'm not looking for anything big; believe me-I'd rather NOT know any deep, dark, soul-searching confessions. I just want to know things most people don't know.

Let me demonstrate:

1) My favorite place to take a nap is on the floor, next to my closet.
2) Frayed toothbrushes make me feel like throwing up. Literally. Just seeing one makes me nauseated.
3) Don't ever tap me to get my attention; it really freaks me out.
4) I can get ready (shower and everything) in 20 minutes. This does not mean it happens regularly, but it can happen.
5) When I get embarrassed sometimes I want to cry.
6) When I laugh, and by laugh I mean-for REAL laugh, I sound almost identical to the "Tickle Me Elmo."
7) I can drive to the beat of music.

I think I should stop. Seven is a good number. Lancey Pance always tells me it's "perfection." Besides, I think I've embarrassed myself enough.

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  1. None of those were embarrassing. I have a few:
    1- I just got rid of my blankie after I had Lily.

    2- I laugh when I snort