Things That Make Me Happy

by - 8:31:00 AM

I feel like sometimes my blog becomes quite the drag. I also recognize that I am quite behind on posting. Since neither of these things can be fixed (or rather, I am not willing to fix either of these things) I have decided to post some pictures of things that have made my life rather enjoyable lately.
I love my roommates. I love sushi. I love girl time.
I love these girls. They are my counselors in the Relief Society. I would die without them, I'm pretty sure.
I actually quite hate Halloween, but I was forced into it this year. I'll reluctantly admit it wasn't that bad. We went with our FHE family as "Deal or No Deal." I'm sure people could have figured the banker was indeed the banker without the bag over his head; let's just say we prefer the bag.
My relief and support system. These two listen to me vent, give me advice (wanted or not) and pick me up when I'm down-regardless the situation. And, without fail, they always make me laugh.

This is Dustin.

I have a lot in life to enjoy right now.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Why am I not on this list. ;) haha just kidding. I am so happy because you are happy and these things make you...happy.