Best Kid on the Block

by - 1:17:00 PM

Want to meet someone?
This is a boy named Dustin (and me, obviously).

(Morgan affectionately refers to him as "Dustin Dakota Darlin.'" Yes, this has me puzzled as he is from Idaho (and neither North or South Dakota); nor have I ever referred to him as "Darlin.'" But, I must admit it has a nice ring to it. So, I've adopted it. In a rather facetious way, I've adopted it.)

Dustin Dakota Darlin' does a lot of nice things; he's one of the best people I know. For example: he charges my car battery, and puts gas in my car when the gas light is on, and cleans my car, and remembers that I haven't put on my new license plates (so he puts them on), and buys me food, and makes me feel pretty and special, and takes me to see my best friend in Utah because he knows I've been missing her, and walks around Temple Square in the rain so I can see the lights, and makes sure I'm back for church so I can be in Relief Society, and lets me be grumpy ALL DAY just because I want to, and never complains, and watches girl movies with me (including High School Musical; nobody tell him I told you's not something he brags about), and he never judges me, and he doesn't think my family is crazy (actually, he thinks they're funny...that one has me a little worried about his sanity), and he takes care of me when I'm sick, and he listens to me complain about work, and pays attention to what is important to me, and opens my car door, and treats me like a lady, and he thinks I'm great.

Now for the question of the day: HE thinks I'M great?

Yeah, don't worry. I'm confused, too.

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  1. So how are you two going to handle the long separation? I am thrilled you are so happy!

  2. Why is there a long spearation? Do you need a leash or kennel to keep him in?

  3. I like this boy Dustin. I like him a lot.

  4. Remember, the Grunig family thinks the Harrison family is 'funny' also!