All Whole and Almost Healed

by - 8:28:00 AM

The idea of blogging out rendez-vous in Asia is so daunting it makes my arm hair stand on end. But, we're home. We're all whole. We are attempting to heal (from jet-lag, the grossly, large amounts of new food we tasted, and from a whole lot of family bondage).

(Harrison Fam 9, Doc Let Beach, Vietnam...or somewhere)

I'll say this: I love my immediate family. I also love America, the opportunities it provides, as well as the freedom, and the fact it is usually sanitary (relatively).

We wouldn't trade any of our experiences for anything, especially the time we were lucky enough to spend in the orphanages. But, our theme song for the trip still remains: "America is the greatest, country in the whole world. All the other countries, are run by little girls." (And yes, for those of you who are gasping in shock at the Harrisons, we have seen Borat...via ClearPlay, obviously.)

One last thing, I came back with this longing to help everyone. I want everyone to be as lucky as me.

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  1. Why is Morgan standing slightly apart from the rest of you with that expression on her face/

  2. Was there anything left of Borat after Clearplay censored it?