For the Love of the Game

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At work, I spend a lot of time at my computer. I call back labs. And I diagnose things (it takes a brain surgeon to order the diagnosis of "Pregnancy, normal"). I enter deliveries. I order tests. I do a lot of things. I also play on the Internet on slow days. Or when I'm bored... Sorry, but there's only so much pregnant urine to go around; so, boredom happens.

I really utilize the "Favorites" tab on my Internet Explorer. Right now my Favorites tab consists of my blog, and Facebook, and YahooMail, and Wells Fargo. And a lot of things like that. Also Bookmarked is the NCAA Men's Basketball website. I love men's college basketball. Remember last year when we made the huge bracket and hung it on our wall?

I'll admit, I don't follow it like a true fan until the tournament rolls around. But, I do enjoy watching a game. And I'm being totally honest. Now, there are some teams I would prefer to watch more than others. For instance, I would love to watch Duke long as they lose. If Michigan is playing anyone, I would opt to watch that game. Let's say, for instance, Michigan was playing Ohio (rivals, everyone knows that) and the University of Idaho game was on at the same time. I would rather eat chips dipped in vomit while watching the Michigan game than watch the Vandals. Opinionated? Me? No way.

So...this one time, I had to watch an Idaho game. With this boy. I really like this boy, but I don't really care for the Vandals. It's not that I don't care for them...I just don't care about them. See the difference? Sometimes I have a really hard time focusing my attention on one thing for a long period of time (sometimes that period of time is not long, but rather...short, even). I especially have a hard time when I am attempting to focus on something I don't really care about. So, I started teasing this avid Vandals fan that I was going to root for the other team. I wanted to get a rise out of him. And let. me. tell. you. I got a rise. So, let's step back and think: what's the smart thing for Yours Truly to do in this situation? Back off? Probably. What did I do? I kept taunting. And not just about the Vandals, but about the Jazz.
Now, once again, I don't really care about the Jazz. But, Jazz fans care about the Jazz...and not in a small way. I love irritating Jazz fans, especially because they are so easily irritated. Besides, I was being highly entertained by his growing fury. He stated he is a Jazz fan because he grew up here, near where the Jazz are grounded. Makes sense. Later in our conversation, I mentioned something about liking USU basketball. I'm not a totally committed Aggie Fan, but I enjoy watching them play. And let's be honest, they're pretty good. He scoffed and asked why I would be an Aggie fan. Um, probably the same reason he is a Jazz fan. Right? I mean I could spit on the USU campus if I practiced hard enough.

This conversation was highly entertaining, and only a little irritating. Not to mention, it lasted the majority of the basketball game (although, I will admit, the game did end up being close-which I do enjoy no matter what).

Needless to say, this boy sent me a text message telling me to mark my calendar for Feb. 26: Aggies vs. Vandals. I plan on sporting Aggie Blue. Head to toe. I'm sure he'll be wearing something to do with something about a Vandal or something...whatever that is.

Who thinks he'll still be nice and perfect after that game?

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  1. Let me know if you need a shirt, I'd be happy to get you one. Go Aggies!