The Best Day-Today

by - 5:18:00 PM

Today was a good day.

I woke up to a call from Tanya. She told me she is coming today-which, I already knew, but it was still fun to hear it when I woke up. And I laughed with her. I love laughing with Tanya.

And then I went back to bed. Till 11 o'clock. I slept better in those three extra hours than I have for the last three days. And when I woke up, I didn't feel sick-for the first time in three days. The only downer was when I tried to feed our fish, and realized the one that belongs to the nice, perfect boy is dead.

I woke up, again, and went to Mill Hollow with Female Taylor. Mill Hollow is a little sandwich shop with sour dough bread. In case you were wondering, my grilled chicken sandwich was divine. Sometimes I get nervous for them to put mustard on my sandwich, in case they put too much. Today was just the right squeeze.

We continued our rendez-vous in Wal*Mart, on a mission to buy Papi (the nickname for the nice, perfect boy-given by me at our first meeting) a new fish. The old fish's name was Papi (for obvious reasons). The new fish's name is Dakota (refer to earlier post-and you'll realize it's also for obvious reasons, given Morgan's nickname for him "Dustin Dakota Darlin'").

Upon arriving home we had a funeral service for Papi, I ate a snack, and took another nap-falling asleep while reading my book. I would like to propose that there is nothing better than falling asleep while reading a good book.

I finally decided to shower and make myself presentable. By the time I was done the nice, perfect boy was done with work and sitting in my living room. We thumb wrestled, made a quesadilla as an appetizer to dinner, and now sit on the couch. With nothing to do. Perfect.

And, this day is only going to get better.

Tanya is coming in one hour. Beautiful.

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