Finally Resolved

by - 10:01:00 AM

For Christmas that nice, perfect boy gave a this adorable notebook because he knows I love to write. I've decided to adopt it as MY notebook. And it is mine already...but this will be MY notebook. One that I can carry with me everywhere, and write whatever I want-from lists, to random thoughts, to ideas... get it?

The first thing in MY notebook? My resolutions for 2011.
I'll share. Just don't judge.

And, yes, I'm well aware I'm running 13 days behind schedule. I'm not very good at resolutions anyway, but since I plan on keeping these ones-the 13 day cheat can't do anything by help me. Right?

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  1. These seem like highly accomplish-able goals. I admire you for writing them. And the offer of Mary Ella's book as a starting point is still on the table.