T-Dizzle (Yes, Tanya, I just made that up)

by - 2:15:00 PM

I have the best best friend. I tell you this, because I think everyone needs a best friend that is the best for them.

Want to know why she is the best best friend for me? She minds her own business (unless I don't want her to-and she can always tell the difference), she loved Toby Keith and country music, she always makes the situations I make stressful-unstressful, she likes to do spontaneous things-but when we do our favorite thing (laying around talking) she is still just as happy, she likes to cook food with me, she is getting married and wants me involved (in the wedding planning, not the marriage), she still calls to talk, she always remembers things, she lets me poof her hair, she likes to go to Preston with me, she is going to have an extra room in her apartment and she is planning it for me, she gets excited to see me, she makes me do my homework, she rides scooters with me. And so many other things, but my hands are tired.

And guess what? I get to see her day after tomorrow. Ask me how excited I am.

I don't think I can think of an answer adequate enough to describe my excitement.

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