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Doing my nightly scripture reading I found my answer. Thank goodness for living prophets, eh? And for answers to prayers.

"The more we are filled with the Spirit of God, the more we extend ourselves to others. We become peacemakers in our homes and families, we help our fellowmen everywhere, and we reach out in merciful acts of kindness, forgiveness, grace, and long-suffering patience.

"These are the first steps along the true way of life and fulfillment. This is the peaceable way of the follower of Jesus Christ."

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
"The Way of the Disciple," (April 5, 2009)

Now I just need to apply it. Not going to lie, I think it's going to be hard work. I guess it's not supposed to be easy.

**I'm not the only one that receives answers to prayers. Personal revelation is entitled to all. There are living prophets today, and there is a knowing and loving God who hears and answers prayers for everyone. I promise. This is what I believe.

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  1. At least you carried through with your search to find answers. And you blog about it. You are inspirational.