'Cause, Girls You're Amazing-Just The Way You Are

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So, I'm really blessed. I have four sisters. You might read that, roll your eyes, and say, "Alyssa, you're not anymore blessed than me," to which I would argue that I am indeed more blessed than you.

All of my sisters are younger than me, but I've always admired them. I think I should tack onto my New Year's Resolutions- "be more like my sisters."

If I was to be more like my sisters I would do things like:

Be really smart and excel in school like Haylee.
Have an adorable laugh like Brooke.
Be as confident as Syd.
Have gorgeous, care-free hair like Morgan.
Run distances-gracefully-like Haylee.
Be able to pull off slick pony-tails like Sydney Belle.
Send funny texts like Morgan.
Have pretty skin like Brooke.
Make all the girls hate me because I'm so sporty, yet beautiful, like Haylee.
Have pretty eyelashes like Morgan.
Be able to put mousse in my hair and leave the house like Brooke.
Be able to transform my hair into a fro effortlessly like Brooke.
Taunt and tease people-only to have them find it funny, like Syd.
Care about details like Haylee.
Have fun in any situation like Morgan.
Paint fingernails like Morgan (even be 1/4 as creative as Morgan).
Look more like my mom-like Syd.
Wear adorable skinny jeans, and still have them sag-like Brooke.
Prioritize like Haylee.
Keep myself entertained for hours-alone, in my bedroom, late at night-like Morg.
Tell people things as they really are, like Brooke.
Have my opinion matter more than anybody else's like Syd.
Give people notes that make their day, like Haylee.
Be able to brighten the mood with one comment, like Morgan.
Be able to eat a bowl of hot fudge for breakfast-and not have mom get mad like Sydney.
Say: "So what?" or "I don't care." and mean it-like Brooke.

Guys, I'm telling you. I'm so blessed. These girls inspire me to be better everyday. And the cool thing? I don't think they even know they inspire me. They are that amazing.

Dear Sisters,

I love you. More than you'll ever be able to comprehend-I love you. Thanks for always cheering me up when I'm down, for loving me when I don't deserve to be loved. Thanks for caring about me-even though my life isn't exciting, and there isn't much to care about. Thanks for accepting me, and especially for forgiving me.

Most of all: thanks for inspiring me to be better.

I love you to the moon and back, and around the world, and infinity(and that's impossible to beat), or (as Josh would say) infinity plus one-and you really can't beat that.

Always your biggest fan,


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  1. I second that post, but I would add a thing or two about the fabulous sister number one. I am proud to call all of you "daughters."

  2. I bet they can make a list of reasons they would like to be like you. I love you just the way you are. And you know you are always welcome and where. Love You!