Dress Code

by - 11:48:00 PM

So, at my office we wear matching scrubs on different days of the week. On Thursdays we all wear zebra scrubs. And they are really zebra-y. When we got them, Dr. L. asked us if we were planning on wearing chains with them too.

This last Thursday, as I was getting off work, perfect, nice, Dustin called me. He said he was working at the ski resort and two people had not showed up. I told him I was sorry. I thought that's what he wanted me to do-feel bad for him. But, he wanted me to come and work with him. Yup. That's right folks, in my zebra scrubs and all.

I want you to picture this: me (enough said right there, but it goes on), in my zebra scrubs, fresh off work at the OB/GYN office, trying not to slip in the grease I kept spilling, serving french fries. Oh, and I was so lost in that place I kept screaming at Dustin, across the kitchen and customers, to tell me what to do.

I wonder why the tip jar was kind of empty that night.

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