Finding the Good

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Obviously I'm struggling with being positive. If we're all being honest with each other, I've always struggled to look on the bright side of things. I don't know what it is about good ol' Dieter (I hope I'm not struck down for referring to a prophet of God as "good ol'") the last couple days, but this morning I was flipping through The Ensign this morning as I was forcing myself the eat oatmeal. He got me again. Needless to say, I've decided to look for the good.

Here are some of the good things in my life right now.

*I've discovered I can eat oatmeal if I put a lot of crunchy peanut butter, and sliced bananas in it.

*These people make me really happy. For example: I got a text from Morgan the other day that said, "I'm good. Fam is too. We went sledding today. That was neat. Dad couldn't zip up the snow pants. And his tush was curved so nicely. Ha, we were laughing at him."
I do love them. So, they're good.

*I bet I can go another month before I have to get my hair done again. That's good.

*I just got to spend a weekend in Montana with some of the best, most adorable people I know. Traci, on the right is one of them. The other one is my mom. They are both really patient with me even when I freak out...although, they do take the opportunity to make fun of me.

Traci likes to take me to do things fun and girly. Things I've never dreamed of doing. The best part is that she loves every minute of it. And she reads my blog. Always. That's love.

The other day, I talked to my mom for awhile. Just for fun (and because I was homesick). I love that. I wish I could explain how amazing my mom is.

These ladies are the best of the best. They are beyond good.

*The nice, perfect boy finally decided to watch Prison Break with me. We're starting back at the beginning. That's good.

*I got Tanya's wedding announcement yesterday. That's so, so good.

*This nice, perfect boy named Dustin brings most of the good. More like great.

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