If You Just Believe

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So, we get a lot of presents around my house. But, it's really not our fault. We have a lot of...things (for lack of a better word) that bring us presents. For instance: we have the traditional Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny. But, in addition to those, we have the New Year's Fairy (who brings everything left over that Santa forgot-the fairy leaves your presents in your shoe you leave by the door overnight) and the North Wind pays a visit annually.

The North Wind comes every Valentine's Day. This gust pounds on the door and leaves a pile of presents-one labeled for everyone. I'm not kidding when I say I have never seen the North Wind. And believe me, I have tried. I mean, this wind doesn't blow by in the middle of the night like all the other sissy fairies and bearded men. This fairy comes in the evening or night, when everyone is together, enjoying themselves, and least expecting it. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Including Mom and Dad. I'm also not exaggerating when I say that I have received presents from the North Wind every Valentine's Day-without fail-even since I've been away from home. And I have still not seen it. I guess I can't. It's a wind. Duh.

Folks, I believe.

Remember my BFF Tanya? Tonight I opened a text message from her that read, "If the North Wind does not show up to my house tomorrow I will no longer believe in Valentine's Day."

I would even go as far to say that if the North Wind does not show up at my house tomorrow, I will no longer believe in love. (Or is that pushing it a little too far?)

***Just a side note: it is impossible to not believe in these wonderful, present-bearing things coming from the Harrison Household. For instance: Mom and Dad are always present when the North Wind pays a visit. The New Year's Fairy, Santa and all the rest have different writing styles. Not only are they different when you compare them, but they are consistent with the years prior (like, the Easter Bunny writes in the same style every year, as do the rest of the gang).

There was only a couple times the line was slightly blurred. One time, Brooke lost a tooth and the Tooth Fairy forgot for almost a week straight. Even though Brooke kept complaining aloud every day. Another year, Santa wanted everyone go downstairs really early and forced them to fall asleep (this message from the jolly ol' fella was delivered by our parentals). Yes, I was 18, and yes, I did have to go to bed with everyone else. Turns Santa got West Nile the same year as our Papa and got fatigued easily, early in the evening, so he wouldn't be able to deliver gifts long after all the children were already snug in their beds.

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  1. And so how do you explain the "South" wind, which is blowing tonight--right past my house and leaving nothing, I might add.

  2. Alyssa! I may or may not have thought of the North Wind over the Valentine's season. P.S. You are such a talented writer!