Mint Green

by - 10:27:00 AM

Be proud.

Remember one of my New Year's resolutions? To be better with money.

Remember how I've talked about being better for a long time?

And remember how I keep complaining that I don't follow through with goals?

Today I began my improvement process.

Have you heard of It's awesome. But, not so awesome for me right now. It's the site the nice, perfect boy showed me. He's a Financial Economics major. Of course he showed me this. Anyway, the other day he showed me his account. You can link it to your bank accounts and credit cards. You can set goals for yourself financially. It will gage what you're spending money on; and when you create a budget it will notify you when you exceed the set categories.

Sweet, right?

Kind of. It's really sweet for people that are smart with money. (Like the perfect boy.) For me, it just shows me how awful I am. I wanted to cry. But, maybe Mint and I will create a new, strong, healthy relationship.

Bring on the change.

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