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I never thought I would be one of these kind of girls. And by "these kind of girls" I mean the kind of girl that can't get enough of someone else, let alone a male someone else. Behold, believe in miracles. I am this girl.

Reason #1,854 I love this nice, perfect boy. First, a little history. Dustin Dakota Darlin' works a lot. A couple of jobs. His job at the ski resort has him working most nights, and with both of us working all day-we don't see each other for very long periods of time.

A couple days ago, Darlin' (his abbreviated name from Morgan) invited a few friends to go snowboarding with him after his shift. He begged me to come. Now, I would bet it's safe to assume few people will be surprised when I say: I adamantly refused to go snowboarding. He consented (he knows me well enough to no argue when I refuse to do something). Then he begged me to sit in the lodge. I was confused. What good would it do for me to sit in the lodge when I could be warm with a good book in a place that does not smell like a McDonald's PlayPlace?

Then he won me over: he just wanted to see me sooner.

Believe it or not. I softened. And I convinced Dianna and Female Taylor to join me in the PlayPlace smelling, freezing lodge.

For so many reasons I love him. But this one: I love that he accepts me despite my fit-throwing, adamant refusal to try things I have no desire to try. And he's even a good sport about it. (If you can't tell, we swapped eye wear.)

I now say something I never thought I would say: I'm proud to be this girl.

What's not to love?

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