Birthday Boy

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Today (well, technically yesterday) was my Joshie's birthday. So, I just wanted to say to him:

Happy birthday, Boo. I know when I found out Mom was expecting you I was less than happy. OK, I'm working on being more open and honest-I was a tyrant. But, Josh, you're the best, youngest brother. You always keep everyone in line, while making them feel special. You tell us stories, and teach us church lessons. You are our father.

I can't believe you're this old already; doesn't it seem like only yesterday I was calling you "Tumor?" Remember that? You were learning to walk, and you fell almost as much as I do at the age of 21. You always had these overly large goose bumps on your forehead. Of course, being myself, I referred to them as tumors.

Speaking of my bully stages, remember when I would threaten to rip out your tongue. I thought it was the most effective way to teach you to not stick out your tongue. Obviously not. Especially since you would just suck it back in and cover your mouth giggling. Except the one time I caught it. Then you cried. And, of course, mom took your side. That always happens.

I love you. All of you. From your gorgeous, huge, blue eyes-to your white, blond hair-to your adorable giggle-to the fact that you still run and give me a huge hug as soon as I walk in the door at home-to your extreme OCD tendencies.

I cherish every moment with you. If I could tell one thing to my 13-year-old self it would be, "Calm down. You'll learn more from this little boy than most of the men you'll come in contact with throughout your life. Be excited to meet him. He's going to be a good baby. Sometimes he'll be spoiled, but that's what's supposed to happen, he's the youngest of seven. Let him be. I would tell you to love him more than life-but you will anyway. Oh, and Alyssa? Brush your hair. It's gross."

Joshie Boy, I love you. Thanks for teaching more life lessons in your short nine years than I've learned in double that and a little more.

Happy Birthday, again. Hope your Chinese noodles and orange rolls were great!

Love you to the moon and back and infinity (plus one)!

Yours Truly

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