Family Bonding

by - 2:35:00 PM

Not only do I now get to enjoy family bondage with my own family, but I get double the experience and also get to enjoy it with nice, perfect, Dustin's family.

Right about now, we're heading to the good ol' state capital to watch his brother play state basketball. There's some pros and cons to this situation.

+I will get our of Rexburg. Not only that, but it will be with a nice, perfect boy.
-I really should have started my lesson for Sunday earlier.
+It's warmer in Boise.
+I really like watching basketball.
-I get to sleep in a hotel room with D's grandma and little sister. This isn't a bad thing in the least-except I sleep talk. Bad. I don't think I'll tell them that usually I not only talk, but scream in my sleep. Humiliating.

Well-just heard the knock on the door. Off I go. We'll see if they still want me around after this.

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