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So, I'm engaged folks. To the nice, perfect boy! How nice and perfect is that? Lucky me. So, telling the story is a lot of fun. I really do like it. But it is so much more fun telling it with Dustin. I thought about having Dustin blog the story. Ya know? I could have a little guest speaker. It would be cute. But, let's be honest, I need to keep him in line and telling the truth. So, we'll tell it together like the adorable, newly engaged couple we are. It's going to be awesome. Dustin's comments will be bolded and italicized.

It all started a long, long time ago...on the 5th. It was our kind-of-first-official-date. But, not really. (In my mind it was a date.) Because we went with his dad. And his brother-in-law's younger brother. And some high school teachers from Grace. And my roommate. The situation isn't as weird as it's seeming right now, we were only going to watch D's little brother play a football game in Boise. But, he invited me, so I almost felt like it was a date. And that's what we'll call it. Remember, it was the 5th.

This is when I first held Alyssa's hand after weeks of debating whether or not to make a move. And obviously we've been dating since.

So, Dustin's little brother plays basketball,too. And his game was this last weekend. Earlier in the week I mentioned that we would be in Boise again, watching Chase play, on the 5th. Ironic? I thought so. But, that's all I thought. As soon as I realized this, my mind was working over time to try and figure out if I could pull this off. It all would depend on whether I would get the ring in time and would have had a chance to talk to her parents.

We had been talking to Craig about having a ring made. Craig was (past tense) a jeweler. And now I know him, post this part of his career. Dustin really wanted the engagement to be a total surprise, but since I wasn't sure if I would be satisfied with the band I chose-Craig wanted me to try it on and approve before a diamond was set in it. So, the band came in, I fell in love, and we started talking diamonds. The diamond was going to be Dustin's job. I believe this was done so I wouldn't know exactly when the ring was complete.

Anyway, I'm kind of a pain in the you-know-what when one is trying to keep a secret from me. But, I was attempting to mind my own business and not ask a million questions about the ring. And finally I couldn't take it anymore (OK, it may or may not have been a maximum of 22 hours since I'd last attacked Dustin with questions)(If that). So, I asked Craig if D had called him about the ring yet, or if he had worked out anything for the diamond. Craig informed me Dustin had not contacted him, and told me to relay the message that he better decide soon or he would send back the band I was so in love with. I got pretty nervous. And Dustin could tell. He assured me he would get a hold of Craig soon. Craig was a big help in pulling this off. On Thursday at 7am, Craig called me and informed me the ring was done. So we set it up for me to pick it up and immediately after I was on the phone, setting up a time to go to Preston and talk to Alyssa's parents.

Then, on my way home from work (already tense, mind you, from my chat with Craig), I called Dustin to chat. He was on his way to his work ski trip. I asked him (yeah, I totally bagged my goal to not ask questions) when he was going to talk to my parentals. He assured me he would soon, and told he thought it would be a good idea to do it when we were coming back from Tanya's wedding next weekend. Double strike, Big D. He supposedly wanted to surprise me, but was then going to ask with me in the home? I tried not to act annoyed. Good thing I didn't pursue a career in film. HA HA fooled you!

So, on Friday we headed to Boise. Everything was great. We reminisced about the last time we went to Boise. It was pretty tender. We had such a fun weekend with his family, and watching the basketball games. (Not going to lie, watching John:future-father-in-law attempt to eat sushi with chopsticks may have been one of the highlights for me.) Oh, and FYI: I didn't even sleep talk!

On our way home on Saturday, Dustin was a little tired at the beginning of the drive. I asked him if he was OK, and he told me I may need to drive about halfway. Totally fine. We kept driving, and chatting, and having a grand ol' time. We stopped at a gas station. Took a picture. Reminisced some more. We hopped back on the freeway. Everything going exactly as planned!

As we started driving again, I started saying sweet things to Dustin. After I had told her we could not hold hands until the very spot that we had held hands for the first time. You know, things I meant but would be embarrassing for everyone else to hear. Like how much I loved him. And how great it's been since the last time we were in Boise on the 5th. He said nothing. Then, he announced he was getting off the exit, no lie-one mile down the road, because he was tired and we needed to switch drivers. Not at the gas station, but one mile down the road.

He pulled off, flipped the car around and parked. Usually when we switch drivers, he gets out (I'm a bully, remember) and I just climb over the seat. I looked at him, waited, and he didn't move. So, I instructed (rather rudely), "Move." To which he responded (so maturely), "You move." I remember this part a little differently. I'm pretty sure I was a complete gentleman. I paused. Looked at him. And got out of the car. I wouldn't say irritated...but kind of.

Here's my thought process as I walked around the car: "Why would he make me get out of the car? That's weird. Maybe he's going to propose... No, don't think that-if he doesn't you'll be disappointed." By then I was on the driver's side of the car. And there was that nice, perfect boy-on the ground. Pretending to be hurt. Or something (let's just say my career in film would have lasted a lot longer than his). Here's my thought process for this: "Oh my gosh! He is proposing! Oh, wait. What if he's really hurt. No...he's only on one knee. He's proposing. Don't say anything just in case he's not really going to propose. That would be so embarrassing." All I have to say about this part is; I'm pretty sure my heart rate was nearing 400 BPM.

And then I saw him holding a little black box. I didn't even give him a chance to start talking before I ran over, bawling. Now, I'm not a cute, little, dainty whimper kind of girl. I'm a full on, snot faced, red, blotching sobbing kind of girl. He obviously proposed. And I could only nod. He stood up, hugged me, and put the ring on my finger. And then he asked, "You did say 'yes,' right?" I could only nod again.

It was still a few minutes before I even thought to look at the ring. But, believe me. I did look. And it's gorgeous.

People, I adore this guy. Seriously, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Never have I been happier, so content, so comfortable, or so...perfect. Somehow somebody convinced him to be with me forever. And I can't wait. For every. single. day. for the rest of eternity. It's going to be...well... nice and perfect. And fun. He makes me laugh all the time, he comforts me, and he calms me down (not an easy feat). How lucky am I, to be on my way to forever, accompanied by the best thing that's ever happened to me?

How lucky am I, to have the privilege of spending eternity with the most loving, caring, kindhearted, thoughtful, intelligent, motivated and gorgeous girl I have EVER met. There is NO ONE I would rather spend eternity with than her. I love you Alyssa!

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  1. I feel so privileged to see your relationship grow that past few months. I am so happy for you two and I love you Alyssa!! You deserve each other; complete each other. You are truly blessed.

  2. Ahhh! That made me cry! You two are perfect for each other.

  3. Well now that's just a great start to my week. I'm so glad you two wrote it all down for posterity. I'm still as excited as ever! (And the person I live with it too.)

  4. I sent a congratulations text to the wrong phone number. The guys wife was NOT impressed. I had your number one digit off. Hope his marriage is going OK. Congratulations!

  5. LOVE it Lys!! Your story made me tear up (big surprise)! I'm so so happy for you! Please keep me updated on when the big day will be so I can make plans. :)