I'll Wait For You To Contact Me

by - 4:09:00 PM

Dear Wedding Photographer,

Please come take pictures for my wedding. And do my bridals. And my engagements. And come to my reception a week later than the wedding. All for a reasonable price.

And please be really, really good at taking pictures. Try really hard to not know how good you are. If you don't know how good you are, you'll give me the best price! Doesn't that sound fun? Oh, and you'll probably have to travel. But, I bet you're OK with that.

You better have a loud voice, because you're going to have to corral my family into one camera frame. Good luck.

Amazing pictures is really what I want for my wedding. Oh, and the best groom ever, but turns out I already have that.

How about I just wait for you to contact me now, instead of me looking diligently for you. Sound like plan, Stan (not that I'm limited to photographers names Stan...)

Thanks a million,

Yours Truly

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