It's A Forever Thing

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I did so good for so long. I guess I use those terms very loosely. If by so good, I mean I blogged a decent amount compared to other blogging times in my life, then-yes. I did so good. And If by so long, I mean for about a week, then-yes. It was so long.

I'm going to be lazy. Go figure. And let this post consist mostly of pictures. Let them equal a thousand words, OK?

My very best friend in the whole world got married. She is so happy. And I wasn't even sad. (The fact my own wedding is swiftly approaching probably aided that fact.) I did cry. We both did at her reception. But it was a good cry. A cry that remembered how good our friendship is. A cry that only lasted a minute or so (although I did have to fight back tears for a little while after). It was a healthy cry. A cry for change. A happy, grateful cry.

Tanya requested I be there the day before to comfort, console, and keep her company (and help keep sanity present). I was more than happy to.

Here's some pictures:
Quick side note: Tanya's bachelorette party was a surprise pole dancing class. Hilarious. At first I was a little reserved, but quickly loosened up. Tanya, on the other hand, was a natural. Literally. So much so, that if they become successful early in marriage I'll suspect she has chosen an alternative career route.

Selfish me: I'm so excited for it to be Tanya's turn at my wedding. How cool is it that she got married first, so she can attend my wedding? At the right time, in the right place, by the right authority. Oh, and did I mention to the right person?

Dear Tanya,

I love you. I'm glad we're different together, so we can be different best friends. There's nobody like you. Not a day has gone by that I don't thank The Higher Power for placing you in my life. Never stop being in my life. Yes, I am that selfish.
Happy wedding. Happy life. Happy husband.

-Yours Truly

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