The Dress

by - 11:55:00 AM

I bought my wedding dress last Saturday. How cool is that?

It's really pretty. I feel really pretty when I wear it.

Guess I should start planning the wedding so I can wear it....

Special thanks to my mother, sisters, Aunt Traci, and Brock for going shopping with me. Being patient with me. And making me try on every dress in every store. I became especially motivated when Traci told me I could be positive or she would do a happy dance.

My only worry now is something Brooke pointed out in the store while I was modeling the one I chose: "What if you sweat and your dress turns brown in the armpits?"

Thanks, Brooke. You're the best.

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  1. You can get those armpit shields or wear prescription deodorant. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Well, I tried to call you the other day because I wanted to chat...I miss you. And I want to see your dress. I am so excited for you :)