On Neglect and Abuse

by - 11:33:00 AM

So, I have this fish. Remember him? And I really, really hate cleaning out his tank. #1, he's growing. Fast. And I'm too cheap to buy a net. So, we use a ladle. Now he's too big for the ladle. And sometimes this makes him fall on the ground. Gross. #2, did I mention he's really big? Too big for his tank. When you take off the lid he tries to jump out.

This does happen. I know this because it did happen. Luckily to Dustin. One time he just dropped him on the floor. Pretty traumatizing, but Raoul recovered quickly. This last time D. didn't move the tank to a bigger counter. Raoul leaped out of the the tank as soon as the lid was off. He may or may not have landed between the fridge and the counter. And he stuck to the counter.

I ran. Really fast. And screamed from the back room, "DON'T KILL MY FISH!" But, I don't really care. Mostly I was just freaked out that the fish was stuck to the side of the fridge.

And guess what? Raoul is thriving. Even though I forget to feed him sometimes. And he's as long as his tank. He lives.

(This picture is in fact taken from a bird's eye view. After I got over the nastiness of the situation, I braved the mess and observed...from the counter.)

Now we clean his tank like this:

It's pretty convenient actually. Raoul gets to jump out all on his own like a big boy, and I don't get grossed out. I even help clean the tank now. Win/win situation.

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