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Well, turns out my computer cord has a short. Just when I don't need it to short out. Just when I am taking all online classes. Just when I have 33 assignments due by Friday. Oh, and one overly large test (don't worry, I haven't even started any of the reading).

I heart life. I'm especially fond of the times it makes me think swear words in my head.

So, I'm using the nice, perfect boy's computer for the night. And utilizing it, I am. It's currently 2:20 in the a.m. Good morning!

Anyway, as I'm waiting for one of my readings to download, I clicked through a few pictures this boy has saved. Want me to share them with you? Dustin? Want me to share them with everyone?

Ok, let's be honest, his opinion is not taken into account right now. He's sound asleep and I'm reading British Literature. But...because he works hard (and late tonight, and had a football game after work) I'll compromise.

I'll only post a few.

Enjoy. I know I did.

no explanation necessary
These two cut one another's hair.
I'm actually almost positive he thought it was cool.
Well, he thought it was cool until I slightly demanded he cut it off.
Then he realized how short it really was.
If you're feeling slightly sacrilegious for thinking this looks like a Jesus pose, don't.
This is supposed to resemble Jesus.

(Ok, I'll cut him a little slack and explain this one: D's roommate is an artist.
Naturally when he needed a model for Jesus and Dustin was the first choice.
Thus, the picture.)

I really love him. Hopefully this post doesn't change any wedding plans...or dates...or decisions.

If it does...I'm blaming you. And your cruel sense of humor.
So, keep it on the D.L. pour moi, alrighty?

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