My Champions

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I've been overly emotional lately. I know this seems normal, but it's even more than the usual for me. Yeah, it's bad. My best friend told me this would happen in engagement. But, I don't think I can rightfully blame it on that. It's more like the school, the work, the wedding plans, the freshmen roommates, the change (and we all know how I handle change). This would be the reason I will let this post consist of pictures. I'll keep my commentary to a minimum. It's for the best.

Haylee and Chase (one of my soon-to-be-brother-in-laws) are both graduating this year. Turns out they are both all-stars in everything they do. They both made it to state in track-Hay in the one and two mile and Chase in the high jump and the 4x2 relay.

D. and I made a quick trip up to Boise; we made it just in time to see Haylee run the two, Chase jump the next morning, Haylee run the mile, and then hit the road (we were super sad to miss Chase's relay).

They both did amazing. Not that this is surprising. Haylee broke her personal record in the two-mile and took 6th. The next day she got a bloody nose, and still ran her season's best in the mile-blood running down her throat and all (sad thing is, I can count on one hand the times she has gotten a bloody nose in her entire life...and she got one 30 seconds before her last race)

Chase placed 3rd in the high jump-jumping 6'3". Does anybody else realize how high that is? I kept telling D: "Do you realize your brother could jump over you, on his back, and still have room to wiggle a little?" Awesome. Their relay also took 3rd, beating their personal best by a second and a half.

Ok, I lied when I said I wouldn't talk. Enjoy the pictures. I love these guys. I don't know how I got lucky enough to be blessed with such an amazing family, and then get lucky enough to be joining an equally amazing family.

I had to put this one up. Dad has loved every second of Haylee's track career.
Haylee has loved, and admired Dad's coaching and past track career.
Like father like daughter.

Just a little more to these champions:

It seems every time I'm around you, you pull out some new talent that floors me. You do well at everything; you never cease to amaze me. Great job! I love being able to watch you woo the crowds; and, whatever Dustin says, you're taller than him.

You know I'm your biggest fan. I've never quit bragging about you; ever since you were running the mile faster than everyone in first grade. I've always felt lucky to know you. The majority of my sentences begin with, "My sister, Haylee..." I want to tell everyone about you-but your talent (in all you do) speaks for itself. I love you more than life, Hay. Thanks for letting me be a part of yours.

Yours Truly

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