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This is the first day of the semester I am done with my homework for the day. I'm celebrating. By blogging.

Today I'm going to the districts track meet in Pocatello. Haylee already took first in the 2-mile yesterday. She rocks. Morg and Kendon run, too. People, my family is all-stars.

I'm pretty sick of work. But, what can I do about it. I hate those kind of situations. I am grateful for a good job and good people to work with.

There's this really mean girl in my one of my online classes. She's particularly mean to me. I keep getting bully emails from her. Ironically, her name is Alyssa.

Sometimes it hits me that I am marrying the nice, perfect boy. And then I get really excited. Like yesterday, when I was designing our announcement, it hit me. And I couldn't believe how lucky I am.

I haven't gotten groceries in I don't know how long. I can't rationalize the time when I know I have things due. Maybe I should fix that. I mean, I have a whole 12 hours free today!

You know you live with all freshmen when you start getting excited for them when a boy glances their direction. They heart boys.

We really need to find a place to live after we get married. See! There's one of those times...a time that it hits me and I get really excited.

Anyone interested in becoming a voluntary wedding planner, contact me. I'm desperate.

I love my family.

I love my new family, too. Today Dustin's sister posted on my Facebook that his niece talks about me as part of the family. This excited me.

I could really use a shower.

I have full intentions of documenting my boring life on blogger once again.

Over and out.

Hearts, Yours Truly

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