This Is Real

by - 11:00:00 PM

A lot is going on. So much that I don't have time to write about it right now, although it is midnight and things should be winding down. Sorry.

But, I did want to say: this wedding thing is becoming real.

  • I just changed my email address to ack.alyssarae (ack, like Ackerman, my new last name...get it?).

  • I just joined the Ackerman family phone plan.

  • Dustin and I got a Sam's Club membership. Together. As a couple.

  • And we've started coupon-ing. And we're stocking up on household supplies and cold cereal (to make my mother proud).

Cute, eh?

I only have one question. Did stuff like this make anyone else emotional? I mean, I'm totally excited. Really, I've never been more excited to got to Sam's Club and buy strawberries on 'Sample Saturday' in my life. I love this nice, perfect boy (who happens to be really good looking pushing the over-sized cart). But, I almost cried when I realized I wasn't a little girl anymore who got free minutes to talk to her parents anymore.

I know, I'm crazy. Take into account please the fact I'm not sleeping, eating way too much due to stress, sick of being engaged...all making me emotional anyway. This is not even factoring in the fact I struggle with change to begin with.

But this change is the best thing that has, or will, ever happen to me.

Bring on the 40cents a minute overage.

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  1. Engagement was probably one of the more stressful times in my life. I fought with my family constantly. I cried and fell apart. All this is perfectly normal. p.s. I heard your mom wants to use parade candy for your reception. Gave me a good laugh.