Lazy Cheater

by - 10:45:00 AM

Today I checked my own iron to see if I'm anemic. Nope. Totally normal. Why is it that I always want to blame something else for anything? Alright, that doesn't make much sense; for example, why do I refuse to see that I don't sleep enough, thus I am tired? Instead, I poke my finger, draw blood, and hope I'm anemic.

I think it's because that would provide and easy answer. I could pop some iron supplements and feel like a whole new person. I'm such a lazy cheater.

Lately I've been wanting easy answers for everything. Like everything. I hate my clothes, so I want to buy all new. (By the way, I've fallen in love with Shabby Apple. Look at it, I dare you not to love it too.) And I get really mad at my car. I love my car, but, she stinks (literally and metaphorically). I'm glad she's made it this far; but I really want easy. I really just want to buy a new one. And I want to buy a new, new Jeep. Because that would be so easy.

I really don't want to do my classes anymore. I only have one more week and I want to quit. I just want to quit my classes and look at wedding blogs all day, everyday. And hairstyles. I am so sick of my long hair I could puke. D$ claims he loves it. But, he doesn't. In all reality, every time it touches him, he brushes it away. It annoys him, I think. (And yes, I call my hair "it." It is past the point of being referred to in any decent term.) I really want to cut it short after the wedding. I want to cut it so badly, I think I'll do it myself. In the car. On the way to the honeymoon.

Sometimes I want to be other people. That's what blog stalking and working with women all day will do to you.

I really do like me. And I like being me. And I'm really lucky to be me.

Sometimes, being the lazy cheater I am, it would be nice if me had an easy button.

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