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Surprisingly, my birthday came and went without me making too much of a fuss over it. OK, by 'too much of a fuss' I mean that I only mentioned it 5-6 times daily rather than 3,765 times daily. But, even so, I'm a spoiled girl.

We spent the eve of the special day at my homestead in P-town. Mom made my favorite dinner, some delicious cake, we made a late-night grocery store for free donuts, and watched a movie with the fam. We made plans to have orange rolls for my "birthday breakfast" (a Momma Harrison tradition) Loved it.

But, it got better. Of course we stayed up 'til midnight (upon my insistence) to bring in my birthday appropriately. At midnight D$ gave me a smooch (being the first to wish me a happy birthday...with Morgan a very close second). Then he tucked me in bed.

I knew there was something going on the next day. (side note: remember how I'm really bad at letting people surprise me? I pester and pester, and pester some more...until I find out what it is. So, I had made a conscious effort to only ask 25 times what was going on, just so I knew something was.) I also knew we were headed to Utah for the day, and then to meet up with my parentals and siblings to head to Manti for the pageant the day after that. So, I asked if I needed to set an alarm or if he would wake me up. His response: that's number two. After questioning, I learned that not only did he have plans for my birthday, but he had a list of 22 of my favorite things planned for my birthday.

I tell ya...this boy. Nice and perfect don't touch it anymore.

As the day went on I learned there was an actual list. I didn't get to see until a later date, but now I have it in my possession. It's hard to surprise me, and these were all surprises.

*Kiss at midnight
*Wake her up (I love being woken up...not by an alarm)
*Help her with hair (I despise standing in front of a mirror doing my hair, but love when somebody else does. Yes, he straightened my hair that day.)
*Red Lobster
*Tanya (This would be my best friend, who was in on the surprise. She is also aware of how hard it is to surprise me and sent my birthday present in the mail a couple days before. Tanya and her husband met up with us at Red Lobster.)
*Drive w/ Toby (Toby would be Toby Keith, remember that I like to listen to country music in the summer? I have a special love for Toby.)
*Shop at Target
*New shirt/shorts
*Buy sunglasses (one of my many weaknesses)
*Shop at Maurice's
*Shop at IKEA
*Hunger Games (I'd mentioned a few times I wanted to buy the second book. He remembered. All on his own.)
*Gummy bears/worms
*Famous Dave's cornbread
*Temple Square
*Take pictures of her (He also did this one on his own. I kind of ruined it by not allowing him to follow through, and it wasn't until later I realized the significance. See that here.)
*Snow cone
*Soft serve (Ice cream, that is. An all time favorite of mine. So much so, that it will be served at our reception. Now you want to come.)
*Manti Temple picture (where we will be wed, and my dream temple)
*Coupon book (I've been complaining about my mess of a coupon folder for months.)
*Hair products (There are few things I love more than new hair products.)
*Cars 2 (This came out on my birthday. I mentioned that when I was little a lot of Disney movies came out on, or around, my birthday. My grandpa would often take us. Besides that, I loved the original Cars.)

Unfortunaltey, I was so wrapped up in how great everything was I forgot to snap many pictures. This is one of the few.

I'm still speechless.

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