The Car

by - 9:17:00 PM

I keep being told I need to blog about my wedding. I need to write down everything, so I remember it, ya know? But, it's really hard. I will do it. I promise. (I'm doing good at keeping promises.) I'm just doing it slowly.

Until then. Look at this picture I just uploaded.

About a week before the wedding D. had mentioned something like, "...and if anyone decorates our car I'm going to freak out."

This is right outside of Manti. I'm pretty sure this car was the doing of most of the people we know. And they loved doing it. And they were proud of it. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Right down to Richard and Julie donating the Coke cans.

Dustin was embarrassed, confused, and flustered when he saw our car. These feelings only increased (as the picture proves) until he got outside of town when he came to his senses and pulled over to at least cut off the pop cans. It made me feel cool and married. Thanks everyone.

He's adorable.

It was hilarious. And it made us feel loved. And special.

We left the back, "Just Married" on for a long time. I was really sad when we washed it off. I think Dustin was too.

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