Holding On

by - 8:59:00 AM

So, I have this polish on my toenails that is getting a little old. (Don't freak out and say I'm gross. I'm going somewhere with this.) It's a cute light pink color. The kind that makes your feet look tan without standing out and shocking people.

And I don't want to take it off.

My sister, Morgan, painted my toenails. My gross toenails. It was a hard feat for Morgan and me (pun somewhat intended). I had to momentarily overcome my phobia of feat, and Morgan had to deal with my attempting to do so.

Does anyone else ever have a hard time letting things go? I know I'm extreme, not taking off my toenail polish... But really, can't you ever not let anything go? (follow that?)

Morgan painted my toenails for my wedding day. It's kind of the last thing (except a few generous gifts straggling in) from my wedding day.

You know, it's one of those days you look forward to your entire life. And then it's over. I love married life, but I'll never get married again. It's a weird thought to me.

The day was perfect. Had I been in any less of a blissful mood, it probably wouldn't have been so perfect with the torrential winds, light raining, crazy photographer, and messed up hair. But, it was so perfect, in fact, I wouldn't change any of those things. Right down to my toenail polish.

So, for today, I think it'll stay on. For one more day.

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  1. It's funny how things we plan for so long are over in a milli-second. That's how I feel about raising my kids. I'm always thinking, "How did that happen so fast?" Or more likely, "How did I get so old." Enjoy these days, my dear Alyssa.