The Horse Desk

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Today I came home. I love home anyway, but this week it was especially nice to have some conversation other than in the mirror (since D-money has been gone). I hung out, ate some dinner, chatted with the sisters, yelled at Kendon (I'm sorry. I shouldn't be mean to him, but he is such a 15-year-old boy), and looked at this new website with mom. Go there.

So, I have this desk. It was given to me by a really nice lady. And it was free. It's the perfect size for all of our things. Really, it's great. Did I mention it was free? (in my eyes this makes it perfect)

The only flaw: the 10-year-old that had it before me painted horses on it. Free hand. Nice, but not so nice for me.

Until now I have left it how it is. Partly because I don't have any creative sense. At all. Mpstly because I'm too lazy. Anyone sensing a trend, becoming habit, becoming characteristic in me lately? It needs to change.

This is where jealous me comes in again. I want to be this lady too. This lady off All Things Thrifty. She finds old furniture (and everything else) at thrift shops and yard sales (two of my favorite things since becoming a poor married couple) and makes them adorable and cute.

In the room where the desk is, we have a black and white picture of NYC. The only thing color are the yellow taxis.

I want the horse desk to look like this:

I wish it was as easy as she says it is. Especially for someone who lacks even the slightest creative talent.

But really, what do I have to lose? I mean, this does give the horsies pretty good competition.

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  1. I think horses are lovely on a desk. Sounds like a project for your mom or Morgan (but don't give her any ideas, I've seen her tiger toe nails).