Keeping Promises

by - 8:38:00 PM

I promised to write everyday.

Do I look like the kind of person who goes back on her word? OK. Don't answer that. Just know that I don't plan on it (give or take a few days...because I'm human).

I started this post about my wedding day. And then I started nodding off. I kid you not, I'm exhausted. And the post started to not make sense. So I saved it to my drafts.

And I'm going to go to bed early. I'll finish it later. Maybe tomorrow. I hate being without my other half, but this means that: I go to bed early. And I eat ice cream for dinner. I'm trying to look on the upside.

Speaking of Big D, he's great and thriving back in the city he loves so much. Tonight, at one of his meetings he saw one of he former classmates from college. In a text message he informed me this particular fellow was, " weird," and that "...his tie is hanging out of the back of his collar." His final observations: "He ain't ever gonna make it in this here city."

He's from a small Idaho town. Ironic, considering the context of the rest of the conversation. At least I thought.

Can I ask a question: Don't you think a full size bed is too small for a married couple? I mean, sure. We're newly married. And we love to cuddle. But folks, I can't sleep through the night. And then I start to stir, and that wakes D$. Too small right?

Alright, I'm sleep typing now.

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