My Low Down on the F.B.

by - 8:36:00 PM

So, here's the thing: Facebook.

I have one. And it's one of my very guilty pleasures. Especially when I am bored it's one of my very guilty pleasures. And I like it. I stay in touch with people I'd lose track of otherwise; OK, I say this because it is what everyone says to justify this obsession. Really, I stalk them (especially when they put up new pictures) and comment occasionally.

But, here's the thing: lately it's become a very bad thing. Not only do I click the Facebook icon the second my computer turns on (a downfall especially during school), but I stay on it-perusing other's pictures for at least one half of an hour. Don't pretend this doesn't happen to you.

Not only to I obsessively stalk people, but when I do, I either end up coveting them (if it's not appropriate for the Children of Israel to covet one another's manna, then it's probably not alright in my case either), or I end up mocking them. I think both of these are no-no's.

Here's something else: I always end up irritated when I get off. Whether it's because of the facts mentioned above, or because I get sick of seeing people's (dumb--but that's strictly my opinion, I'm sure they're not dumb to you) posts. Especially people I know I'm never going to encounter (at least on a regular basis) again. Sorry, I really like you as a person-but there is no need for me to follow your every thought on my favorite internet site. So, for heaven's sake, when I remove you from my Facebook friends, #1 don't request me as a friend again-chances are, you have dumb posts and I'm sick of reading them. Or, I'm probably jealous of you, and it ticks me off that I'm not more like you. Does that ease your pain? (It's like in second grade when your mom would tell you your desk partner-a boy-liked you because he would hit you.) #2 I don't hate you. Being deleted from Facebook is not the world's biggest insult. Hard to believe, I know, but it's true. Read my blog, it's more personal anyway. I promise I'll post pictures. I know that's what you want.

Am I rude? Probably. Sorry? Mmm, not so much. Should I just be the grown-up, quit complaining, and delete my account? For sure. Will I? Yes. As soon as I can break the addiction.

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  1. Don't Delete me, I'll make pancakes.

  2. I'm thee exact same way with facebook. I hear ya.

  3. I have the same problem. There should be a rule against people posting their workout or the details of their child's potty training or sexy pictures of themselves. Yikes, I need to delete some people.

  4. haha, yes, I totally agree. p.s. i LOVE reading your blog! You really are a very talented writer. Keep it up!