Suffices for Now

by - 8:18:00 PM

I have a goal. It is to become an author. (Yes, I am well aware it would take me twice as much work next to any other person, but it's a dream.) I have not accomplished this goal yet. My other goal: blog everyday.

This has not happened either.

I got married. And it was a perfect day. The horrendous winds, sprinkling rain, fact we were all starving, and a ditsy photographer only added to the perfection of the day-rather than ruin it like I assumed that it would.

We honeymooned immediately following the wedding day in the fabulous Las Vegas. And it was my kind of vacation. We slept in, we swam, we walked, and we ate. Best part: we didn't have a schedule.

And now my new husband is en route The Big Apple, and I still play with pregnant women's urine at the OB office. For some reason I can't get a grip. I think about this fact, and I cry. I miss him. And I hate work.

So, does it suffice to say that I'll blog again tomorrow? And I'll tell you more? More about my really, really lame life? OK, thanks.

At least I blogged today. That's improvement for Your Truly.

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