Teenage Brothers

by - 7:02:00 PM

My brother, Kendon, is the first boy in the family. This means he is the first boy to be a teenager in the family. We (mostly me) are still adjusting. For instance, tonight my phone conversation went something like this, when I called the homestead.

K: "Oh, I was hoping you would call."
Me: "Oh, great... Can I talk to Mom or Dad?" (knowing very well I wouldn't be talking to them soon)
K: "Yes...what do you need to talk to them about? You doing drugs? Murder? Stealing?"
Me: "....."
K: "The element of surprise?" (No, it does not make sense)
Me: "......"
K: "I am very good at the element of surprise. Mom! We just won a million dollars!! See, I told you I was good."

A little while later, when he was asked to deliver the phone to my dad:

K: "You again?"
Me: "Yeah, can you take the phone to dad?"
K: "Please hold while I transfer your call to the person who was kicked out of the room." (Dad is banned from rooms that are being sorted-this was my sister's bedroom before moving to college. He tends to be a slight pack-rat.)

Does it make sense? No. Is he funny? Yes. Do I hate admitting that? Yes. It it the only reason I haven't practiced my own element of surprise on him? Possibly.

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