Thoughts. That All Stemmed From Shoes.

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This is my Desktop background picture:

Big D. laughed at me.

Here's the thing:
I've always been opposed to the whole tennis shoes with the wedding dress thing. This seems to be a trend particularly popular in the young Mormon culture. Right? I tried to avoid fads like these (i.e. reception lines, door backdrops, dresses with sleeves that look like t-shirts, etc.) with my own wedding and reception.

I guess being one of this group, it is impossible to avoid all of the fads. I think I'm alright with that now.

I still had a reception. I did avoid the line and the backdrop. But, D-money and I did stand stationary in one place for the majority of the backyard rendez-vous.

We didn't have young women servers. We didn't have a dessert bar with pastel colored mints. But, we did serve dessert. Or rather, let our guests serve themselves with a soft-serve ice cream machine and popsicles.

And the shoe thing: I was dumb. I didn't try on my high heels with my dress. I was super excited when I found the shoes too. They were elegant. They were cute at the same time. And they had flowers. I loved the flowers. I'd been looking for elegant, cute, and flowers.

D. found them for me. His exact words from across the store, "Isn't this what you're looking for?"

And it was. But, I didn't try them on with the dress. And I got out of the car for my bridals, slipped off the Pumas, and buckled the cute, flowered shoes. Only to have them make my dress four inches too short.

So, the Pumas remained on during the bridals (alternating with my bare feet).

Was I disappointed about the Pumas during bridals? Yes. Did I embrace it? Surprisingly, yes. Do I think it's funny now? Yep. That's what I've learned to do since planning a wedding (and probably maturing): embrace things I cannot change. And laugh about it.

I bought cute, flat sandals for the wedding. And they had flowers.

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