Bridal Shower

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Dear Sisters, Aunt, and Mom:

Thank you for throwing me such a perfect bridal shower (sorry this appreciation is coming a little late). Quite honestly, I never thought I'd say "thank-you" for a bridal shower (I know that's harsh). I usually don't enjoy them this much. But, this was awesome.

The decorations were adorable, without being too much. And I know you worked hard on them.

The food was so, so yummy. Not that I'm surprised.
I was in the best company, surrounded by my favorite people. People I didn't feel I had to impress, but could be myself. Oh, and it was hosted by the most beautiful girls.
We played fun games. I was really nervous about the games. I was scared they would embarrass me, or make me feel silly, or last too long. But they were perfect. Of course Morgan won the "design Alyssa's wedding dress" game. She already knew what it looked like. (MaryBeth's was in close second. It was a two-piece wedding dress. Awesome.)
And, I got spoiled rotten. Seriously, I had the best gifts given to us. And, everybody mingled, and ate, and played, and then left. At the risk of sounding rude, that's how I like it. Enjoy it. And then be able to leave, if that's what you want. That's my kind of party.
So, thanks so much. Thanks for proving to me I could have so much fun at a bridal shower (especially my own).

Yours Truly :)

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  1. I know you secretly wish you had the two piece wedding dress I designed (this is marybeth btw, I hijacked my mom's computer and am too lazy to log in).