Just Like Dad

by - 8:30:00 PM

So, we got a new bed. I know, most newly married couples don't get the luxury of a new bed. Understand this: we were sleeping on a full bed. Together. I don't think the bed had much cushion to begin with...15 years ago. So, we got a new bed, with the help of generous wedding gifts.
Since delivery today, I have threatened to jump on the bed. We have rearranged the room three times, trying to find a way that the bed does not overpower our overly small room (this is impossible). Dustin has repeatedly declared, "This is so nice!"

During our rearranging schemes, we attempted to move the dresser against one of the walls (a very logical choice). I was again reminded that I am married to the identical of my father. Alright, not really, that would be weird. But, close. Dustin informed me we couldn't put the dresser in front of the wall because it contained a heat vent. Further reasons? The dresser would catch fire.

Everything about that is my father.

Another instance? Dustin is frugal. As is my dad. But, both love spending money on their wives. Especially if that opportunity presents itself in odd forms, because these ways seem to be cheaper. Like, my dad will never by jewels or precious stones. But, he would spend outrageous amounts to be able to crush rocks, looking for a glimmer of a stone, without blinking. They are both suckers for good salesmen.

In Vegas, on our honeymoon, we ran into a pearl factory. Never, ever, ever, would we have bought a pearl. That is until D-money noticed he could find the pearl within the oyster himself. And all of a sudden it was a steal of a deal (despite the fact we still had to pay for the setting).
And of course, the concvincing salesman ensured us we got the best deal possible, as my pearl was larger and more rare than any others. What are the odds?

The point of my story is: I am now a proud owner of a beautiful pearl (hunted by my own husband, from a bucket on a counter), and terribly spoiled. My dresser is still in one piece, and will always stay that way, as we are overly cautious. Not even scorched a bit. Oh, and a perfect, large bed. That I think I'm going to sleep in now. And watch the Office, with the clone of my father everyone foretold I would marry.

Hey, I'm not complaining. They're two of the best guys I know.

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