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I'm a girl. And sometimes I think of baby names. I think all girls do. This is in no way an announcement. So, stop thinking it, and let me tell you a story without you reading into things.

I really like the name Toby for a boy. (Yes, I love Toby Keith, but this does not have anything to do with it. Cross my heart, hope to die.) I can picture an adorably, handsome (Do those descriptions go together? Well, they do for my kid.) baby, kid, man, person...whatever. I love it.

I proposed the name to Dustin over text message the other day. Our conversation went like this:

Me: I want to name a boy Toby. (Mind you, this was totally irrelevant and random.)
D$: Then all the Michaels will pick on him. (Yes, he is obsessed with The Office.)
Me: The Office will be ancient by then. And it's a cute name.
D$: Tobi
Me: Looks like a dog's name.
D$: Tobee
D$: Towby
D$: Toebee
Me: Punk.
D$: I just got home, the chicken is done. Should I put it on warm?

Heaven help us when we actually attempt to mutually name a child.

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