What's In A Name?

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Warning: this post is not meant to offend anyone. I'm sorry if you feel bitter or hurt feelings because of it. Dustin and I, the newly married Ackermans (you'll understand the emphasis as you read on) love you. We appreciate you. And we don't want you to feel bitter, offended, or hurt.

You can view our announcement below. (I'm sorry if you didn't receive one and are terribly offended. Truly, I am.) Read it carefully. I feel it is worded clearly, and it is at least fairly straight forward.

Now, see pictured below one of our wedding gifts. Just so you know, I am really appreciative of every single one of our gifts. (Again, I'm sorry if you haven't received a thank-you note. I'm working on it. I promise.)

This tile is gorgeous. And we loved it. Especially as it was labeled for the family of Dustin and Alyssa John.
It took us a minute to figure out where the confusion may have come from. Dustin's name is listed as Dustin John. It was my fault to assume that it could be understood John is in fact D-money's middle name. My name is listed along with my given middle name: Alyssa Rae. As is Dustin's. Our surname is listed along with his parents names. As is my maiden name (OK, my current name, since I can't seem to make it to the social security office. I'll do it. This week. It's just such a process.) But, it was probably my fault to assume all of this.

I came to peace with my mistake and didn't think my assumptions about the clearly stated announcement were that big of a deal, nor did they impact more than one generous person-until my mom delivered this card to us today.
Yes. It is addressed to Alyssa and John Ackerman.

Poor Dustin. I now feel obligated to split the check in equal parts with my father-in-law: John.

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