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I've had quite an enjoyable time, as of late, reading all of your blogs, stalking you on the ol' FB, and wasting time not doing my homework.

But, multiple people have told me it's time to update my blog.

The sad thing is, I've tried this multiple times in the last week. I've tried to think of things I can say that are witty, funny stories about our lives, or dramatic accidents happening to us. But, I'm at a loss.

Married life is wonderful. But, it's full of wonderful things that I'm afraid are only wonderful to us. I mean, nobody can really want to here about my husband as much as I talk about him. (But, I don't blame you if you do.) Like I mentioned before, I am officially on a hiatus from school. Well, not officially I guess. I really, probably should have withdrawn this semester. One of my teachers emailed me about my "lack of participation in class" because she was worried. I have a 39.4% in the class as of today. And that's not the worst grade. People can't really want to hear about that either.

My biggest irritation lately has revolved around the fact I bought waterproof mascara for the wedding and refuse to spend the money on a normal one until this is gone. It is such a pain to remove waterproof mascara. So, I've quit washing my face and have consequently broken out. And I know you really don't want to hear about that.

Speaking of bad purchases, who buys sour vitamins? I mean, really. I do. Bad mistake. They are disgusting to take during the night time hours, and leave an awful taste in my mouth no matter the times I brush my teeth. I should have settled for the original Flinstone gummies, and bought some Sour Patch Kids - since I was apparently in the mood while shopping that day.

During those teeth brushing times, D-money feels inclined to kill flies in the the air. He calls it talent. Although I'll grudgingly accept that it is quite a feat, it's highly annoying when the fly is nowhere to be found and I'm already on the urge of losing the stinkin' vitamins. His solution: "We need a master bed and bath that has two seperate sinks and counters. One for me and one for you." Yeah. That sounds great, except our two bedroom apartment with one sink and counter is breaking the bank as it is. Besides, we'll still have to share a floor. And you'll still be killing flies in the air. (Love you, honey)... ( and I don't really call him honey. that was for dramatic effect.)

Little things have been making me so irritated lately. My mom informed me the other day that I need to be careful what I write one here. She says it's going to offend someone. I'm sorry. Really, I am. My intentions are not to offend you. But, just a heads up, I'm a highly outspoken person, so I'm told. I don't want you to be offended, but if you are easily so, just don't read this blog. I promise, you won't be missing much. If anything, you're life will probably be blessed and you'll be more uplifted than before. (I'm sure my mom will rest her case with that last sentence.)

Anyway, I still want to say what irritates me. I understand that these things shouldn't, and I'm trying to get over them one day at a time. And I'm improving. But, they're still bugging me. For instance, I can't watch people's wedding videos. I desperately wanted a videographer at my wedding, but opted out for financial reasons. Don't get me wrong, I will never, ever regret one thing about my wedding. It was perfect because all of the flaws. Nor will I ever regret still having money in my bank account after the wedding. But, I did want a videographer, and that wound is still a little too open to get all the way over that yet. Nor do I thoroughly enjoy viewing other's pictures or wedding ideas like I used too. It just makes me want to change things. And it's over already. So, don't be mad. I'm sure your wedding stuff is gorgeous (actually, I know it is). And mine was spectacular. But, I just feel like when I look at yours I compare it to mine right now. So, I don't look at yours.

Feel free to look at my wedding stuff. Phenomenal. Did I mention the torrential winds that made my wedding day hilarious? Or my gorgeous family that totally made my pictures amazing? Or the perfect backyard reception? Perfection actually doesn't describe it.

Oh man, I still need to do a wedding post. That's such a hard thing to do.

And, I'm not done with annoying. And this one really may offend. Close your eyes and scroll. Maybe I've worked in OB for too long. But dear all the pregnant people out there: I promise, your pregnancy is not as high risk as you think it is. And even if it is, I promise the doctor has seen it before. You are not high risk if you deliver at 39 weeks, your baby is not premature. I bet he/she will be super healthy and totally normal. I promise that a lot of women get NST's weekly (or even biweekly) just like you. First time moms, a lot of the time you will get induced. It's not that weird. Nor are you the only one whose blood pressure raises in the last couple months of pregnancy. It's crappy, I know, a lot of people go through the crap. Actually, all pregnant women go through crap.

I'm not dissing your pregnancy. I agree with you that it is a hard thing. I have yet to experience these things I address. And, I guarantee I'll be 10x worse than any of the things I complained about. (Oh, and I'm not meaning to downplay your warning signs in pregnancy. Still, talk to your doctor. Don't be intimidated by me.)

My mom is so mad at me right now, I bet.

I need a vacation.

Tonight is date night. Dustin is reffing a game. In the freezing cold. I'm at home, homework open, watching movies of Abbott and Costello and ranting on my blog. Don't worry, I'm somewhat considerate. I planned a date for us.

I put in a DiGiorno pizza and we're watching Prison Break. (We are desperately trying to finish the 4th season. For the 12th time. It's being drug out so long.)

See told you you didn't want to know my life. I think I'll just go back to stalking yours, and completely enjoying mine in blog silence.

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