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Alyssa first introduced herself to me on the first day of church of the fall semester, 2010. She was just being called to be the Relief Society President and was in the Bishop’s office to be set apart. I was there to be set apart as the co-chair for the activities committee. She caught my eye, but obviously she didn’t feel the same, because to this day, she does not remember this first meeting.
Turned out that she was in the same Family Home Evening group as me. My roommates and I went to her apartment for that first FHE, not knowing what to expect out of our new “sisters.”
Alyssa seemed to be in quite the hyper mood that night. She was kind of all over the place, which was funny. We then got talking about where each other was from. She said Preston, I made some connections. I said Grace, she told me she used to live there and made some connections the other way. This, I feel, gave us a good base for what our friendship would soon develop into.
FHE’s were fun. Alyssa wasn’t so hyper in the later ones, but she did start to become extremely curious at what was going on in my love life. She’s into me!
At one particular FHE we were at our bishops house, everyone was playing ping-pong or eating, Alyssa was sitting there on the couch, so I joined her. We had a really good talk.
From the very beginning, things just flowed between us. Conversation was so normal. I felt extremely comfortable talking to her and I loved that I could tell she genuinely cared about what I was talking to her about. If I were to say there was one point where the girl that “caught my eye” became the girl I plan on dating, it was this point.
Our friendship started to develop. We started to text each other and I started looking forward to FHE just so I could see her. I was still unsure of what I was going to do about this “plan to dating” her situation. I guess I’m kind of wimp, I didn’t want to go out on a limb just in case she wasn’t feeling the same and I was just misreading things.
Our conversations started becoming much more frequent and I became more and more interested.
The ward Halloween party is what I refer to as our first date. She had purchased part of my costume that day and so when we all went out to dinner that night, I forced her into allowing me to buy her dinner, kind of a stretch I know, but still, a good first date at Denny’s.
The next day Alyssa had traveled to Soda Springs to watch her sister run in the cross country meet and she texted me A LOT that day. I really wanted to see her that night, so I made plans to join her and her roommates for a viewing of the classic movie “What about Bob”. Thought about possibly making a move but was still too chicken.
The next week I think I went over to her apartment everyday to just hang out with everyone, but we all know I was there for her. I went out on a limb and asked if she wanted to go with me to Boise to watch my little brother’s football game. How this ended up working out for me I will never know.
So we went to the game. As always we enjoyed each other’s company. Conversation and everything just seemed so normal. I could be myself and feel comfortable around this girl, I knew right then that she was definitely for me. I was done beating around the bush. On the way home from Boise, I held her hand. She may say that it was partly due to her that we held hands, I disagree. It was all me.
From that day everything was so fun and perfect. I felt I had found my best friend. What made that even better was that my best friend was incredibly gorgeous and was someone I could easily see myself with for everyday into eternity.

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