One Year Later

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I've been reprimanded a lot lately for my lack of updating this blog. Well, today I have reason to update.

One year ago, this very day, D-money and I were on our first official date. OK. Well, it was as official as a last minute invite to his brother's football game in Boise (accompanied by my roommate...awkward?) can be. Did you follow that? Romantic date. And probably we'd been dating before that. Just D. and I didn't realize it. Turns out everyone else did.

Anyway, this was the day we became a couple. I guess you could say that. If I'm being honest, it's the first time Big D. held my hand. Cute right?

You know what this means? It's been exactly seven months since the said now husband dropped to one knee and proposed to me on the side of the freeway. That same freeway. Almost in the same spot he held my hand for the first time. Cute again, right?

What are we doing one year later?

I'm sitting on the loveseat avoiding homework and begging husband to play Tetris against me.
He's avoiding homework watching the LSU v. Bama game.
To celebrate today we ran errands and raided the 75% off Halloween candy. And looked for a Christmas tree.

In honor of this day, I've posted our story. Our beginning, if you wish. From each of our points of view. You can find them below.

I'm so grateful to be his truly.

We love the 5th of November.

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  1. Hooray for anniversaries. So happy for you (Christina)