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Dustin and I were assigned to be in the same Family Home Evening group in our student ward (please, keep the rolling eyes and snickers to a minimum). I understand this is a pretty typical scene, and I always claimed it would never happen to me. But it did. And I love it.

Alright, so we were assigned to the same FHE group. Here’s the scene: I had just gotten home from a stressful day at work, I was frazzled, hyper, and glad to not be at the office. Because of this I became giggly, immature, and somewhat overbearing (OK, that’s a lie, I’m overbearing by nature…this time I really out did myself).

I remember Dustin walking in. And sitting down. And feeling overwhelmed. I recognized the fact he was overwhelmed, thought to myself, “I’m scaring this kid to death,” and then continued embarrassing myself. When he introduced himself, he naturally mentioned he was from Grace, Idaho. I flipped (always a frightening thing), “YOU’RE KIDDING! I lived in Grace before we moved to Preston!” I then bombarded him with questions including if he knew so-and-so and where he lived. I informed him proudly that we had inhabited a trailer in the trailer park (naturally) for nearly six years (with five children, mind you-my mother is a saint). In the midst of the confusion I created, I made a mathematical mistake and figured he had moved to Grace while we still lived there (when really we had missed each other by about a year). He mentioned his family lived in the same trailer park for a month or two while finding a house. I asked him which. When he described it I exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! You’re the lice kids! You always had lice and that’s why we couldn’t play with you!” Yes, great job, Alyssa. Now you’ve really improved an awkward situation. He sat there, looked at me, and said hesitantly, “Um, we never had lice.” Then we cleared up the mistake.

Needless to say, the boys left (including Dustin) a little frightened. We laughed about how we had overwhelmed them; later it set in that I was indeed a fool, but expected nothing. I mean, sure, I thought Dustin was ‘cute,’ and sure he was tall (a necessity) but, I hadn’t let him get a word in to know anything beside the fact he was not one of the lice kids.

But Dustin stuck around. And we kept going to FHE. And I developed quite the crush on him. He was fun. He was easy to talk to. He had a strong jaw (an obsession of mine). I loved his forearms. My roommates started to catch on. When they confronted about the little liking I’d obviously taken to this boy I said (and yes, this is a quote), “I think I do like him. He’s the kind of boy I would like. He’s tall, he’s from a small town but wants to go places with his life, he’s easy to talk to. He’s the kind of guy I’d see myself with.”

And then it was out. Soon after that I started assuming he was interested in one of my roommates. I was crushed. And I was jealous. And trust me; I am not very good at hiding my feelings. He came over a lot. I felt he was coming over for me, but later would second guess myself.

We decided to go to the ward social at Halloween as a FHE group. We decided to be the cast of “Deal or No Deal.” Dustin as Howie and the rest fell into place. It was a good night, until I started worrying yet again, that he was not interested. Again, I worried midst him buying my dinner at a late night Denny’s trip. Dumb girl, I am.

Then he came back over that night. He came obviously for me. And I loved it. That next week we sent text messages without purpose (adorable, right?), watched “What About Bob?” (a necessity in order to fit in my family), Dustin almost had enough guts to hold my hand during a Sunday movie rendez-vous with the roommates, and I stepped out of my shell, took a plunge, and took him a cinnamon roll (a really good cinnamon roll).

Later that week, Dustin’s brother had a football game near Boise. After a competitive game of Clue (our mutually favorite game) Dustin started talking about the game. I mentioned how much I missed the excitement of high school sports. He mentioned I should come along. I shrugged off the invite; sure he was just being polite. But, the next morning he sent the ever romantic text message, “What’s the verdict on the game?” And I about melted (no exaggeration).

We sat close in the car on the drive up, but sadly this was because three adults were crammed in the backseat of the minivan. We watched the game, my toes froze (why I wore sandals in November I’ll never know), and we headed home.

About an hour into the drive home my best friend called to announce her engagement to me. I whispered my congratulations (as the rest of the car was sleeping) and assured her I would call in the morning. Dustin, surprising me he was awake, asked who I was talking to. I told him my best friend had gotten engaged that night. And again, ever the romantic, he said, “That sucks.”

And then, he manned up, and held my hand. And he held it again the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that he kissed me for the first time. And I melted.

And he still is holding my hand (now sporting my dream engagement ring). And he is still kissing me.

And folks, I’m still melting. And it’s never going to end.

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  1. Um, I love this. I can just hear your voice through it and it's so tender.