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We told our extended family about Lady A. over Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving Day was spent with the Ackerman's. Grandma Patty broke the news to the extended family by initiating the blessing count off with expressing her gratitude for her new grand daughter. Sadly, I didn't get any documentation. It really was precious.

Then we waited in line at Wal*Mart in the middle of the night for our new Canon camera. We got it. And we got a good deal. Luckily for Dustin. At least he came out of that night with something other than an extremely grumpy, tired, pregnant wife.

We are lucky enough to be from the same area in Idaho. So, we are able to spend at least a portion of each holiday with both families. We headed to P-town to celebrate a belated Thanksgiving with my family. While there, we were able to see both of my grandmas as well. We took this opportunity to break the news to them as well.

We enlisted the help of our new camera.

It went something like this: "Grandma, let me try our new camera on you. On the count of three say: Alyssa's pregnant! One...Two..." And then it would register just as the camera started clicking. Awesome.

See the evidence below.

Are these pictures priceless or what?

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